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Ask yourself.....

1. Do I currently eat the Standard American Diet?

The Standard American Diet is made up of mostly processed foods and animal products. Only a very small percentage is fruits and vegetables or NUTRIENTS. It gets even SADder because half of that already small piece of the "pie" is potatoes and half of that is French Fries. Your body is looking for more than just calories. It needs nutrients. The best place to find those is in plant based foods.

2. Do I want to eat healthy but don't know how to get started?

Most people want to eat healthy but don't know where to get started. They are scared of making the change and not knowing what to eat or how to prepare it. GF2 will help you develop a recipe box full of healthy, easy to prepare and tasty Plant Based Dishes. Recipes you can use on their own or expand on and create your own versions. We'll also discuss with you how to make time to prepare these dishes and be ready for even the most hectic days.

3. Would I rather invest in my pantry or my medicine cabinet?

At last check at least 85% of Americans who filed for bankruptcy did so because of medical reasons. Not because they went to Vegas and blew their life savings or bought swamp land in Florida, but because of medical reasons. Have you checked the cost of heart surgery lately? Even with insurance your 20% of $150,000 is a big chunk. Many people are under the misconception that eating healthier is more expensive. Have you ever compared the price of meat and seafood to rice, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. I think you'll find the longer of those two lists to be more economical. I myself am Vegan and am more than happy to discuss my choice of lifestyle with anyone who is interested. Although my initial goal is to help you increase YOUR health by incorporating more nutrients into your diet, we can discuss the impact your diet has on the health of the planet as well. Many people begin their journey with a focus on their health and then begin to discover there is even more to it. What we eat has an impact on more then just the individual.

"If you think you don’t have time for being healthy,

where will you find time for being sick?”


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