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GF2 was created from a passion for Plant Based Foods and teaching others how good they can be for your health and your taste buds. Most people want to eat healthy but don't know how to get started.

Hello. I'm Chef Michael Laidlaw, your Private Chef and Educator. Some of my favorite food experiences have happened while sharing food and cooking tips with friends and clients. For over a decade I have worked with organizations and individuals throughout the South teaching them how to incorporate Plant Based Foods into their diet. My passion for Plant Based Food has always been linked to my strong interest in nutrition and making food a healthy part of life. An avid reader and perpetual student, I love to share the things I learn with others. Through cooking classes, one on one sessions and other activities, I'm here to help you learn all about creating a healthier lifestyle utilizing Plant Based Foods and recipes.

You can touch base with me at

“Cooking is an art. You can take any recipe and make it your own or create your own through trial and error. My mother never told me, ‘Don’t play with your food’ so I always do. Get in the kitchen and HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FOOD! You’ll make some mistakes that end up on the compost pile but you’ll also create some fabulous dishes that become a permanent part of your HEALTHY recipe box.”            

”Spread the Health Around!”

Chef Michael


Good Food Good Fuel is excited to announce it's collaboration with The Cancer Wellness Center at Piedmont Newnan Hospital. Every month throughout the year Chef Michael will teach Plant Based Cooking Classes to cancer patients and cancer survivors attending The Wellness Center. The first class was a big hit and attendees were presented with a variety of foods from an appetizer on through to desert. "I'm looking forward to working with Center Coordinator Jennifer Palmer and all of the folks at The Wellness Center. I'm excited about sharing many of my favorite plant based recipes with everyone who attends these classes. I'm especially excited to have The Center's nutritionist Andrea Swartz at each class to help us dive deeper into the nutritional value of our recipes." If you know anyone who could benefit from these classes, have them contact The Cancer Wellness Center at Piedmont Newnan Hospital at 770-400-4120 or visit their website for more information and scheduling.


NOTE: Classes are currently being taught via Zoom from the Wellness Center.


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